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Spin It Round And Round

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March 27th, 2011

07:49 pm

alrighties everybody im back here!
wellas just a little to update this boring page that has been neglected.

ha. this post is a parteeeehhh post. more like unofficial grad's life enjoying away.
in one week party and party like a STAR!

first up
first time going night cycling with an empire TOVAZ
and the last time i nightcycled was sec2?!
long journey of close to 40km the entire night
loads of whining and complaining
fell down quite a few times like a humpty dumpty or either that 母猪上树!
but we still made it.
many thanks to encouragements from HUIQI and SHAWNLOY :D
oh yes let me combine chalet photos here too okay.

alrighties moving on
and the first "empire" emzi emzi with some tovaz people
butter was AWESOME
good music and good fishes

and the next thing you know DnD
De Estrella
was great first and last
haha guess what
was one of the candidates for best dress
oh i was there as a black swan
painstakingly drew the eye make up with the help of persie yang mehmeh
thank God it look great
oh we 5 graduates got some stupid sit back facing the stage because some unknown people REFUSE to swap seats
as usual after party was good at Phuture though it was KAYAPACKED
but who cares 3/4 of the people there were TP students. 
cant believe they even did TP OEI in the club.
oh yes my super high heels almost killed me 
so i decided to tale them off my feet and dance
so here we go!

yupp next up is dip show and FO alrdy
after that goodbye to TP.


(until it fades away)

January 28th, 2011

09:52 am

(1 round | until it fades away)

January 3rd, 2011

03:11 pm - hello 2011

well havent be posting at all since long ago.
super caught up with FYP i'd say until the last few days before new year i decided to just let go and PLAY!
yes i skipped school today
totally shagged out and no mood to go. might as well.

just a quick update of my exciting week. because before that nothing is exciting at all. here we go!

so all that partying began on..

1. christmas lunch with Heaven's Gift at FLUTES AT THE FORT
was a christmas lunch and gift exchange to meet the colleagues and catch up.
food was awesome gathering was fun

2. self baking at home on christmas eve
didnt turn out pretty well cuz the cookies were quite hard sadly
but still managed it.

3. christmas day. had morning service and gave out all the cookies to my dear friends that put a smile on my face the year.
prepared for dinner at home after service and head to cousin's place at woodlands.
had a nice dinner prepared by all the children watching DESPICABLE ME.
first time having alcohol in the family. BAILEYS but didnt had too much. monopoly deal too while waiting for the rain to stop.

4. to the last OTC in TP from 28th-30th dec
started with a R for RELIEZ down the order to S for SCARFO and ended off at TOVAS
have to say this camp really just play and have fun only. 
awesome to have FATHIN and AIZAT again.
AIZAT 3 years mann! 
a different experience every OTC.
won third time for OTC. TOVAS i'd say was enjoyable.
new friend made old friends here. NICE

5. last day of 2010 walking into 2011.
we first baked 2010 away with LAUREN and DENISE
cheesecake which turn out abit like a cheese jelly cake HEH

didnt think much but to party my night away with great people
was supposed to be with yijie mark and friends but there were nexo people around
in the end half the time was with nexo.
nice company and taking care of drunkards at phuture.
was fun but the music just sucked.

6. on the first day of 2011
nua at home for the day and went to meet my primary school folks at night
catch up and of reminisce of the past memories
steamboat and shisha.
and. your primary school friends stay around you. so its easy to go home tgr after that.

7. before we head back to school again. supposedly today. had a walk at nex. bumping into SO MANY PEOPLE
dinner at hot POTATO! haha kidding its TOMATO. with persie and robin.
HTHT with robin bestie is the best thing that can start my new year and end my 2010.
love you bestie.

yeah. started off quite well 2011.
back to reality tmr.
i just hope 2011 will be a better year.

(until it fades away)

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